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The most relaxing hobby and the most complex sport in the world.


Aprende a navegar con Nonius Menorc
Navega y aprendre en Menorca

learn to sail

Nonius Menorca puts at your disposal the sail formation for students of all ages. In this sport so diverse it can be difficult to know where and how to start,Nonius Menorca makes it easy for you to start explore opportunities to meet a life style and a means to travel the planet.

The best learning de initiation to candle to improve your skills and abilities of navigation, arriving at a improvement training.

Thanks  the adventure and competition, our program has the objective of becoming familiar with the basic notions, giving the possibility of to perfect the technique of handling sailing cruise, reaching a level where there is the option of power compete.

Our training intends that our crew members can learn to know the boat, the influence of the wind and the navigation to candle, acquiring some basic knowledge and of improvement.

Formación a vela en Menorca

Our Commitment

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